The Window Project Presents…Dan Deacon USA

November’s Window Project presents Dan Deacon USA, a 22 minute short film by local Atlanta visual artist Dave Hughes reimagined for 6 screens. Originally created for Adult Swim, the film has been reconfigured for The Window Project and will be presented through the month of November. The film is set to electronic composer Dan Deacon’s four-part USA suite from his album, America. Deacon has said that the inspiration for the music was “my love of cross-country travel, seeing the landscapes of the United States, going from east to west and back again over the course of seasons. The lyrics are inspired by my frustration, fear and anger towards the country and world I live in and am a part of.” Hughes set out to visually reflect these contradictory themes, as well as reflecting the music itself, through alternating scenes of tension and harmony between man and nature, as well as the pervasive encroachment of technology upon the natural world in a modern day version of Manifest Destiny.

Dan Deacon USA