The Window Project Presents…Liquid Blackness Artists


The liquid blackness Symposium includes a collaboration between liquid blackness and The Window Project, a public art platform developed in DAEL, the Digital Art Entertainment Lab at Georgia State University. Using six screens and spanning eighty feet wide, The Window Project supports experimentation for artists working with moving images. For the Symposium, four artists were invited to adapt existing works for the unique dimensions and capabilities of the platform. Their work is showing for one week each throughout the month of April. These artists are Consuela Boyer, Chr!s Reel, Joey Molina, and Fahamou Pecou. And the schedule is:

Arpil 1-7 – Consuela Boyer, Blaque Woman
April 8-14 Joey Molina, genderFLOW
April 15-21, Chr!s Ferguson, From the Series Martin Martyr
April 22-28, Fahamu Pecou, OVEREXPOSE(d)

The purpose of the Symposium is to begin a conversation about liquidity as an aesthetic form in which blackness is encountered in our contemporary visual and sonic culture. Ideas of liquidity also inspire the structure of the Symposium, which brings together scholars, curators, artists, and community venues in a fluid exchange among different ways of generating art and expressing thought.

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