The Window Project Presents…Bio-Mathic


Bio-Mathic Art Statement

My work utilizes and explores the concepts of evolutionary biology and biomathematics: from the mechanisms of self-replication to the surprising discoveries of mathematical logic inside biological systems. As a former scientist who left a medical career for art, I am transfixed by artistic expression, but still interested in scientific questions: How does evolution work? How does life diversify and perfect its forms? Why do biological systems act mathematically? For me these questions are matters of deepest identity, as they underlie everything that we as humans are, everything that we do, including our creation of art. The interweaving of the ancient microcosmic processes of life with the current studio practice of an artist results in the generation of a complexity of ideas that shape my sculptures and video projections. As a conceptual artist who is “mystic rather than rationalist” (Sol LeWitt, Sentences on Conceptual Art), I don’t attempt to provide an explanation of scientific theories or data; rather through the discovery of new artistic compositions, my work deepens their mystery.

Bojana Ginn Biography

After graduation from Medical School in 2002, Bojana moved from Belgrade, Serbia to Atlanta, GA. While working as a scientist at Emory University, Bojana pursued her lifelong interest in art, which grew from a primary passion into a new career. As a recipient of a Savannah College of Art and Design Honors Graduate Scholarship, she completed her MFA in Sculpture in 2013. Her art has been exhibited in numerous Atlanta galleries, including the Museum of Contemporary Art of Georgia. Her work and writings on the connections between art, mathematics, and biology have been presented and published in the United States, Belgium, and the Netherlands. Bojana is a STEAM advocate, holding a strong belief in the innovative power of artistic creativity and imagination that can tremendously contribute to the intellectual endeavors of science, technology, engineering and mathematics. As a lecturer, she likes to reveal exciting parallels between contemporary art concepts and new discoveries in biology and mathematics. Currently, Bojana is a studio artist at the Atlanta Contemporary Art Center.