Jihoon Yoo

Jihoon Yoo creates art as a means to locate himself in a growing and unfamiliar technological landscape. He recognizes the intense separation and alienation that comes from a society that depersonalizes humans while simultaneously personalizing corporations.
Yoo has created a ‘virtual theatre’ where something akin to performance art takes place. In the perceived safety of his fictious world, Yoo begins to express his feelings of disconnect. Reflective glass and metallic surfaces are often used for his 3D, somewhat cubist, models. The collapse and disintegration of his models demonstrates a fluid movement from order and recognition to disorder. In a poetic and ironic gesture, the very same technology that serves to isolate Yoo becomes his vehicle for expressing frustration and fear.
Yoo was born in South Korea. After receiving a Bachelor’s of Fine Arts in Environmental Sculpture from the Kyung Won University in Korea, Yoo completed a Masters degree at Yonsei University in 2010. He is currently working on a secondary Masters degree in Art and Technology Studies from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. He has exhibited extensively internationally.