Jon Reiss

JON REISS Named one of “10 Digital Directors to Watch” by Daily Variety, Jon Reiss is a critically acclaimed filmmaker whose experience releasing his documentary feature, Bomb It with a hybrid strategy was the inspiration for writing Think Outside the Box Office: The Ultimate Guide to Film Distribution in the Digital Era, the first step-by-step guide for filmmakers to distribute and market their films. He recently co-wrote Selling Your Film Without Selling Your Soul.Bomb It 2 for which Reiss extended his exploration of graffiti and street art to the Middle East, South East Asia and Australia was released by Cinedigm this past fall. His previous documentary feature films are Better Living Through Circuitry, a startling, humorous and entertaining glimpse into the exploding rave culture and Cleopatra’s Second Husband, a dark psychological drama. Reiss has also directed videos for Nine Inch Nails, The Black Crowes, Danzig, Slayer, and the Kottonmouth Kings. Reiss’ “Happiness in Slavery” video for Nine Inch Nails won awards at the Chicago and San Francisco film festivals and was voted Top Ten by the Village Voice Critics Poll for Best Music Video.

Reiss is also a media strategist who helps filmmakers and companies navigate the new distribution and marketing landscape. He has worked with and consulted for IFP, Paramount Studios, the Sundance Institute, Screen Australia, Film Independent, Creative Scotland, The South Australian Film Corporation and numerous film schools and festivals to devise ways to educate and help independent filmmakers in the new economic landscape. He has conducted his TOTBO Master Classes over four continents and is the year-round distribution and marketing lab leader at the IFP Filmmaker Labs and the Director of the IFP PMD Labs he co-created with the IFP. He also teaches at the Film Directing Program at Cal Arts.

Jon Reiss’ early credits also include four hour-long documentaries concerning the notorious performance group Survival Research Laboratories which were included on a compilation 10 Years of Robotic Mayhem. Reiss got his start in filmmaking at Target Video, a San Francisco based alternative video company where he covered much of the West Coast punk explosion.

Reiss is working on two additional books one on the concept of the Producer of Marketing and Distribution a crew position he coined in Think Outside the Box Office and secondly a book that takes the structure outlined in TOTBO and applying it to all the art forms. Reiss also contributes to Filmmaker Magazine, Huffington Post, Indiewire, Screen Daily, Moviemaker Magazine and other publications.

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