Marcia Vaitsman


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Marcia Vaitsman, born in Brazil in 1973. She has a degree in media studies with specialization in radio and TV from the Universidade de São Paulo. She was a  student at the University of Vienna, Austria, in the Media Institute and Germanistic Institute. Marcia has a post graduation degree from the prestigious Academy of Media Art – KHM (Kunsthochschule fuer Medien), Cologne, Germany. From 2000 to 2007,Marcia worked for the multimedia and artistic performance laboratory of professor Valie EXPORT and for the Department of Media Design as a member of the artistic team and teaching staff at KHM.

Marcia has received several prizes such as in 2013: Idea Capital Travel Grant and the Fulton County Arts Fellowship both in Atlanta. 2010: Prize “Mostra de Artistas no Exterior” from the Biennial of Sao Paulo Foundation. 2009: Frances Larkin McCommon fellowship from SCAD Atlanta and the project grant from Prince Claus Fund, Holland, for the publication Trans Position Franscisco. 2007: project grant from Funarte, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. 2005 artist stipendium from UNESCO-Aschberg, France/Finland. 2004: granted artist in residence in IAMAS, Japan, also the Prince Claus Fund incentive prize, Holland; and honorable mention, Video Art Prize, Bremen Filmbüro, Germany. 2003: “Projeto Cria de Casa” winner (Home Creations Project) photography competition at Espaço OPHICINA, São Paulo, Brazil. 2001: EMMA winner (Electronic Multimedia Award), London, UK. Marcia’s work has been nominated and invited to video art festivals around the world.

Marcia participates in several art exhibitions and events in the United States, South America, Japan and throughout Europe.  Marcia also has a final degree in photography from SCAD, Atlanta, in which she had a two year fellowship and is now PhD candidate at the prestigious University of Coimbra in Portugal. Represented by whitespace (

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